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Las campesinas. El espacio cotidiano en el Castellón ilustrado

Francesc Xavier García Belmonte


To understand the behavior of men and women who have preceded us have to know how was the space where your life went by where they slept, cooked, ate and that they dressed, that is, we must go into the material culture space and housing. Therefore, the possibility of finding a spatial distribution model that can be measurable in some way we may explain the distinction between the spaces in homes and within the city of Castelló de la Plana to the eighteenth century. Distinction for purposes of gender differentiation, and consequently of class. We call this «social geometry of gender».
Through notarial and, more specifically, post-mortem inventories propose a typology of housing and its interior through the temporal evolution, which helps us to understand the dynamics of a society, historical change. It helps us understand how lifestyle affects social relations, what is the overlap between the local community and its components, the importance of representation to another, the social position of each group, family or individual.

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