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Josefa Bosch. “La Pardala”. Historia y memoria de una guerrillera de la Guerra de la Independencia en Morella (1808-1811)

Carmen Corona Marzol


María Josefa Bosch, known as «la Pardala», was one of the active and committed female figures in the Peninsular War (war for Spanish independence). As a resident of Morella, she, like other men and women, actively participated in resistance tasks. Born in Aragon, but married in Morella, she felt part of Morella and became strongly involved in patriotically defending her new town, its neighbours and the cause for Ferdinand VII.
She worked as a messenger between civilians and guerrillas, reporting events inside and outside the town to both parties, and she sheltered and provided accommodation for those who were pursued.
Her heroic deeds were an example of personal action that remained anonymous, even though she died in full view of everyone and a tower of the Morella castle was named «Pardala» in her honour.

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