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Mujeres histéricas psicoanalizadas por Freud

Rosa Sos Peña


In this study we analysed four cases of hysterical women who had been psychoanalysed by Freud. The method used was a literature review. The aim was to assess Freud’s historical contribution to the field of women’s studies. The women studied were the following: Emmy von N., hysterical sick, who was over forty years and suffered spasmodic aphasia. On the other hand, Isabel R. was a case of hysteria, a 24-year-old who had leg pain and difficulty in walking. While, Emma Eckstein, was an hysterical woman, a 27-year-old who fell in love with Freud and was unable to work; and finally, Dora, an 18-year old adolescent with a touch of hysteria, chronic dyspnea and who developed the Oedipus complex.

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