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Medea: hechicera y madre asesina

Mercedes Madrid


Despite the wide range of prominent female characters created by male Greek imagery, finding the figure of the «witch» is not easy. Thus, the character of Medea is the closest to a magician that can be found in Greek mythology. However the complexity of this figure goes far beyond that of the simple sorceress, not only in the mythical tradition, but essentially in the recreation and ambivalence of the character constructed by Euripides in the tragedy that takes her name. In this tragedy, we find, among others, questions such as the different valuation of maternity and paternity in Greece, the impossible feminine glory or the dangers of androgyny; when a woman, without resigning her femininity, acts as a man. This paper tries to shed light upon the richness of this mythical figure and the multiple readings of Medea that have been made in our time as a tragic heroine and murderer of her own children.

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