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La mujer moderna, el tercer sexo y la bohemia en los años 20

Nerea Aresti Esteban


After World War I, the modern woman was born as a new model of femininity in the western world, and also in Spain. She symbolized sexual distress and masculine anxieties about the possibility of substantial changes in gender relationships. The modern woman, who was also called «the third sex»,defied the frontier between the sexes, as well as the very definition of «man» and «woman». In their attempt to fight sexual disorder and to recover their lost stability, a legion of secular moralists produced an enormous amount of literature, which condemned the modern woman and redefined gender ideals. They attacked sexual ambiguity and the third sex, and claimed a total sexualization of the world, and a reinforced concept of gender. The category of «women» became more powerful than ever too . A new understanding of male and female sexuality was another cornerstone of this process of ideological modernization, which pursued certainty in order to face a disturbing future.

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