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Translating dialect embedded in Najdi proverbs into English

Sayed M. Ismail


The study attempts to provide an insight into the problematic issues arising from translating dialect embedded in common sayings and proverbs. It proposes solutions to the problems of translating dialects. Owing to the fact that dialect has a cultural singularity and social privacy, it is only understood by the peopl e who use it in their daily life. Thus, when an Arab translator attempts to translate dialect, he will be faced by a wide spectrum of problematic issues. For example, he/she cannot understand the meaning of the dialectal words in the same source language. In addition, he will not be knowledgeable about the cultural, social, and historical factors that change the meaning of these words. In addition, dialect is a form of oral speech which is delivered from a generation to generation through daily life contact . Accordingly, many words are subject to rapid changes and other words can be corrupted and distorted. These issues represent a great challenge for translators working in such a field. Thus, the study attempts to provide a translation approach which may c onstitute a good starting point for dealing with such problems.

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