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The dialectal prosodic variation in Brazilian Portuguese spoken in Baião City (PA): an intonational analysis of declarative and yes/no interrogative clauses from AMPER-POR corpus

Rosinele Lemos e Lemos


This paper, in line with AMPER (Atlas Multimédia Prosodique de l’Espace Roman), aims to present an acoustic analysis of the modal intonation role in Brazilian Portuguese spoken in Baião. Sample data has been drawn from the work of (Lemos 2015) and methodological procedures were grounded in AMPER-POR coordination directives. Speech samples from four native speakers, two males and two females, aged above thirty years old, two with low and two with high school levels were analyzed. The corpus is constituted by twenty-one sentences from AMPER-POR corpus with both simple and complex nominal phrases at the final position, in both intonational modalities – declarative and yes/no questions.The three Portuguese lexical stresses have been considered on our acoustic analysis of fundamental frequency (F0). The results show that F0 is a strong physical parameter to discriminate the analyzed intonational modalities.

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