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Diatech: tool for making dialectometry easier

Gotzon Aurrekoetxea, Gotzon Santander, Iker Usobiaga, Aitor Iglesias


Diatech is a web application to analyze linguistic differences in a quantitative exploration in a friendly way, allowing users even if they have not computational expertise. The application conceived as a tool which provides all tools that a dialectologist needs when his objective is to draw conceptual maps (the occurrence of individual features), to delimitate the linguistic distance between dialects or to draw boundaries in dialect areas. Diatech creates different types of maps (isoglotic, beam, similarity maps, etc.), cluster and MDS analyses, it checks out centroid localities and analyzes the linguistic features that provoke the main variation. It uses different linguistic measures as RIV (Relative Index Value) or Levenshtein algorithm, taking into account different types of answers (such as orthographic, phonetic or lemmas). All maps and illustrations can be downloaded in different image format (RGB o CMYK) and sizes. Since the application was launched, the responsible team has continued improving it, making it easier to use and more powerful in the statistic techniques.

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