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Predicative constructions with gerunds in european portuguese dialects

Sílvia Afonso Pereira


This study analyzes dialectal data collected from CORDIAL - SIN, an annotated corpus of  Portuguese dialects, and addresses predicative constructions with gerunds: a non - standard construction  found in some European Portuguese dialects, which is equivalent to  the standard Portuguese structure  where a preposition followed by an infinitive is used. I show that this non - standard construction is  geographically confined to the south of Portugal and some insular dialects. This type of geographic  distribution has been identified in previous works on dialect syntax, and my data now brings additional  evidence to support the hypothesis that it seems to correspond to a basic division of Portuguese  dialects. This geographic distribution highlights that predicative gerunds a re, along with progressive  gerunds with  estar ‘to be’, a clear example of syntactic alternation in European Portuguese between  gerunds and prepositional infinitives.

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