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The allomorphs of direct object clitic pronouns and their geolectal variation in western Asturias

Ramón de Andrés, Fernando Álvarez-Balbuena, María Cueto, Miguel R. Monteavaro, Xosé Miguel Suárez


The subject of this contribution is the geolectal distribution of some morphosyntactic  phenomena in the Eo - Navia strip, a linguistic boundary between the Galician - Portuguese and Astur - Leonese domains in the westernmost side of Asturias. Those phenomena concern the 3 rd person direct  object clitic pronouns and their allomorphs, conditioned by the previous phonic envir onment:  - r ,  - s ,  - n and diphthong. The data  – obtained from the project ETLEN – are presented according to two options of  classification and two of geolectal analysis. The two options of classification are: (1) according to the  forms of the pronouns; (2) ac cording to «existence» or «nonexistence» of pronominal variation. The two  geolectal analyses are: dialectographic or «classic», with attention to the distribution of variation areas  in 40 villages; and «horiometric», considering distribution of percentages of geotypological assignment  (Galician - Portuguese vs. Astur - Leonese phenomena). The results show that the chosen phenomena of  geolectal variation are also part of the well - known «isogloss bundle» marking the boundary between  both domains.

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