Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

The accusative clitic in intransitive verb constructions: Aí o vai, aquí as están

Rosario Álvarez,


Following a brief presentation on the treatment received in previous grammatical studies, the  Aí  os veñen (eles) - type construction is described by focusing on the characteristics and behaviour of clitics,  the verb, the adverb and the subject. This study  highlights current changes which explain the  discrepancies in the descriptions undertaken by different scholars who have addressed it until the  present. Subsequently, the dialectal distribution is examined, with a cartography of the data of the main  verbs  ( ir /  vir and  estar ), displaying a south - western area with a central axis in the Pontevedra estuary,  provided. Hypotheses presented regarding their origin, linked to the use of the accusative clitic with  other presentative adverbs and especially the viciss itudes of  ei(s) , are then considered. Finally,  conclusions are presented regarding the pragmatic function of the clitic, variations observed in its  construction, diatopic distribution, possible origins and present usage.

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