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Conditional sentences in the ALPI. A contrastive analysis of the peninsular northwest

Rosa Mouzo Villar, Carolina Pérez Capelo


In the field of syntax, conditional sentences were the research focus of many studies  concentrating upon different aspects of such constructions: structure, tenses used in protasis and  apodosis, etc. (X ove 1986; Veiga 1991). Some of these studies have examined the peculiarities which  occur in conditionals according to the linguistic territory occupied by them. By taking into account these  previous works, the objective of this present study is to analyse  conditional sentences in the different  Romance languages which converge in the Iberian Peninsula (Galician, Portuguese, Astur - Leonese and  Castilian). The different tenses present in the protasis and apodosis of these sentences will be the chief  focus of th is study, which will examine the most frequent in each language and observe whether there is  some kind of dialectal distribution or not. The basis for this will be the data provided by the  Atlas  Lingüístico de la Península Ibérica ( ALPI ) and the three cond itional sentences featured in this atlas will  form the core of the present analysis.

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