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The syntax of -(k)i, a basque preposition

Beatriz Fernández


In this paper, we aim at analyzing the Basque inflectional morpheme  - (k)i  called  dative flag after  Trask (1997). We will propose this morpheme  - (k)i to be an applicative head, as suggested in Elordieta  (2001) or Rezac (2006) among others. Moreover, we will propose this applicative to be an incorporated  preposition in the spirit of Trask (1981: 289). The idea of  - (k)i being an applicative/incorporated  preposition can be combined with both the derivational account for applicatives (Baker 1988) and the base - generation analysis (McGinnis 1988), developed also for Basque.  Nonetheless, the applicative/incorporated preposition analysis of  - (k)i  departs considerably from the  typological definition of Bantu applicatives. Actually,  the presence of  - (k)i is mo re pervasive in Basque  than applicatives in Bantu languages, as it is attested in both differential object marking (Odria 2014) (vs.  Bantu languages, Bresnan & Mchombo 1988) and allocutives (Oyharçabal 1993; Haddican 2015).  Although this paper will not gi ve an alternative analysis to those already developed in Basque, it  aims at raising some questions on the nature of  - (k)i that might have consequences in the general  discussion on applicati

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