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Causative and perception constructions in european portuguese: the dialectal data

Sandra Pereira


ThThis paper deals with the infinitival complements of the causative and perception verbs in  European Portuguese (EP) dialects. It is based on the corpus CORDIAL - SIN ( Syntax - Oriented Corpus o f  Portuguese Dialects  – cf. - description - cordial - sin - syntax - oriented - corpus - of - portuguese - dialects) and its main goal is to describe these constructions and  contrast them with the ones described for the standard EP. O n one hand, the constructions identified in  the standard variety, such as 1) Inflected Infinitive, 2) Exceptional Case Marking (ECM), 3)  Faire - Inf and  4) Gerundial Infinitive (only for perception verbs),  can be found in Portuguese dialects ; b y contrast, ot her (dialectal) non identified constructions occur in the dialectal corpus.  Additionally , it is also our aim to map these different constructions in an attempt to detect some  geolinguistic variation to identify syntactic areas. In what concerns the standa rd variety of EP, the ECM construction seems to be more common.  This trend however is not confirmed by this dialectal data. Surprisingly, ECM constructions (as well as  the Inflected Infinitive ones) do not show up very often and are not spread over the who le territory.  Given the small amount of available data, namely for ECM construction, a parallelism between some EP  varieties and other Romance languages can be suggested. In fact, it seems that this construction is not  accessible in some EP varieties like  it happens in the other Romance languages. In contrast, the Faire-Inf construction, which is the most frequent construction in the corpus and  it is spread over the continental territory, is not found on the

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