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Nasality and voicing in non-standard dialect of Malay

Sharifah Raihan Syed Jaafar


This study discusses nasality and voicing in nonGstandard dialect of Malay i.e. Perak dialect (PD). As is widely claimed  in  previous  Malay  scholars,  nasal  substitution  applies  when  there  is  a  sequence  of  nasal  and voiceless obstruent by no means to avoid the cluster from emerging in the surface representation. In this analysis, I argue that nasal substitution is not always applied in PD when there is a sequence of nasal and voiceless obstruent. The sequence is permitted to emerge rootGinternally in the dialect. In this analysis, I will also argue that nasal substitution is not only applied to voiceless obstruents, but it also applies to voiced obstruents  after  nasal  segments.  I  suggest  that  the  application  of  nasal  substitution  in  both  voiced  and voiceless obstruents as occurred in the dialect is to satisfy CRISPGEDGE[s] which rules out candidates with both nasal and voiceless/voiced obstruent clusters in the surface representation.

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