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Semantic classification of ilami kurdish verbs of motion

Amir Karimipour, Ali Izanloo


In  this  paper, we  aim  to  analyze  some  of  the most  common  Ilami motion  verbs  taken  from  Ilami  native individuals to represent the semantic features of such verbs. In pursuit of this goal, we analyze Ilami dialect data  through  Slobin’s  (2000)  theoretical  framework which  definitely  concentrates  on Manner  in motion verbs. Results  reveal  that  Ilami Kurdish  enjoys  a wide  range of  verbs describing different motion  events. Interestingly,  some  of  these  verbs  are  solely  used  to  describe  human movements, while  others describe animals or other entities motions. It can be said that Slobin’s (2000) classification of motion verbs is to a great  extent  applicable  to  Ilami  motion  verbs,  however  there  are  still  novel  classes  seen  in  Ilami,  as “Continual  motions”,  “Falling  motions”  and  “Rolling  motions”,  not  found  in  the  aforementioned


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