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Germinate in central sarawani balochi

Bahareh Soohani, Abbas Ali Ahangar, Marc van Oostendorp


This article attempts to identify and analysis two different types of geminate, namely, single vowel-adjacent geminate and intervocalic geminate in Central Sarawani Balochi dialect. In addition, analyses of these geminate processes are given in the framework of Optimality theory (OT). We also represent the moraic model of syllable structure in this dialect to support the idea that geminate in Central Sarawani Balochi (CSB) is underlyingly moraic. The data have been extracted from the linguistic corpus collected through fieldwork in Sarawan city in Sistan and Baluchestan province of Iran. The research findings show that both single vowe-adjacent geminates and intervocalic geminates are common in CSB, whereas no initial geminates have been observed in the data under investigation. Moreover, almost all consonants can occur as geminate consonants in word-final position, while no glide and glottal consonants appear as geminate consonants in this position. Likewise, geminate in CSB supports the idea that there is no super-heavy syllable in this dialect, since gemination only occurs after short vowels.

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