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Pitch alignment in Welsh English. The case of rising tones in Ceredigion

Stefano Quaino


Welsh English and Celtic English in general are known for their preference for rising tones in declaratives. However, stating that Welsh English has a preference for rising tones is not sufficient to explain its main prosodic characteristics. The present investigation focuses on Ceredigion, a county in West Wales with a relatively high percentage of native Welsh speakers. Several excerpts have been collected from the interviews taken for the Survey of Anglo-Welsh Dialects (1977-1979) and then processed through PRAAT: the aim is to underline the distinguishing prosodic features of Ceredigion English. For the analysis, several fundamental elements will be considered, such as alignment of the stressed syllable, characteristics of the upward movement and pitch peak. Through the detailed analysis of these key elements, it will be possible to present not only the
distinguishing features of Ceredigion English, and thereby come closer to a prosodic characterization of a
Welsh English accent.

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