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Hunsrik-xraywe. A new way in lexicography of the german language island in southern Brazil

Mateusz Maselko


Written approaches for orally traded dialects can always be seen controversial. One could say that there are as many forms of writing a dialect as there are speakers of that dialect. This is not only true for the different dialectal varieties of German that exist in Europe, but also in dialect language islands on other continents such as the Riograndese Hunsrik in Brazil. For the standardization of a language variety there must be some determined, general norms regarding orthography and graphemics. Equipe Hunsrik works on the standardization, expansion, and dissemination of the German dialect variety spoken in Rio Grande do Sul (South Brazil). The main concerns of the project are the insertion of Riograndese Hunsrik as official community language of Rio Grande do Sul that is also taught at school. Therefore, the project team from Santa Maria do Herval developed a writing approach that is based on the Portuguese grapheme inventory. It is used in the picture dictionary Meine ëyerste 100 Hunsrik wërter (2010). This article discusses the picture dictionary in detail and presents the newly developed norm of! Hunsrik! xraywe ‘writing in Hunsrik’. Also a short comparison to other writing approaches used in Southern Brazil is given.

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