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Dialect lexicography in Latvia. Accomplishments and opportunities

Liene Markus-Narvila


The paper gives an outline of the present situation in Latvian dialect lexicography and explore its opportunities to evolve in the future. The first complete dictionary of subdialects was published in the 1970s: the “Dialect dictionary of Ergeme” (1977/1983) by Silvija Raģe and Elga Kagaine. It was a predecessor to “the Dialect dictionary of Kalupe” (1998) by Antoņina Reķēna. The first differential dictionary of subdialects was published in 2000: “Dialect dictionary of Vainizi” by Elga Kagaine and Eduards Ādamsons. A year later a dictionary by Maiga Putniņa, Agris Timuška followed – the Dialect Comparison Dictionary of Sinole”. The paper examines those dictionaries of the subdialect of the Latvian language that are linguistically correct, good examples of compiling subdialect dictionaries. The author also inspects the opportunities of development of Latvian dialect lexicography, such as the work of compiling new popular scientific dictionaries of regional subdialects and subject/specific electronic
dictionaries of subdialects

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