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The diatopic development of aspects of twentieth-century galician. A contrastive analysis of linguistic geography data

David Rodríguez Lorenzo


Several projects related to Linguistic Geography have been carried out in Galicia during the last century and the beginning of this century. Fieldwork data obtained through personal interviews with informants provides us with an opportunity to observe the diatopic distribution of features that have traditionally been considered relevant in Galician linguistics. Since these surveys were performed at different points in time, they also provide an opportunity to analyse the material in terms of diachrony. This article presents some examples of the results obtained from such research, focusing on three issues, of which one concerns phonetics, another morphology, while the third delves into a lexical matter involving Spanish loanwords. In the morphological study, the different patterns seem to have remained stable over time, but the phonetic and lexical data examined show significant change during the period covered.

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