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Ten years of the online ALPI (atlas lingüístico de la península ibérica)

David Heap


After decades with access to only one volume of the Atlas Lingüístico de la Península Ibérica (ALPI), the scholarly community took a few years to get used to the possibility of accessing much more of data from the most complete survey of Iberian Romance dialects. The legacy of Navarro Tomás and his team of fieldworkers, initially made available through a limited web interface, nonetheless allowed for the use original fieldwork transcriptions to produce research in areas of dialect morphosyntax, lexical variables and real-time historical linguistics, be it on the local, regional or national level or on a peninsular scale. After a few years of increasing use of the data, and renewed interest in the atlas, the CSIC fund a new collaborative project to develop and publish the ALPI materials.

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