Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Language planning, standardization and dinamics of change in Moroccan Arabic

Adil Moustaoui Srhir


The aim of this paper is to analyze the processes of standardization and language planning currently being experienced by Moroccan Arabic, and focuses on the following aspects: firstly, the creation of a theoretical and methodological framework for the concept of standardization; secondly, various sociolinguistic and ideological considerations on the debate regarding the need to establish a standard variety for Moroccan Arabic; thirdly, the different aspects of a sociolinguistic perspective (which I consider an urgent issue in the process of Moroccan Arabic standardization) are examined in more detail. Some models of the standard variety of Moroccan Arabic, found in the linguistic market in Morocco, are also discussed. Finally, some conclusions, derived from the data analysis made, are drawn.

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