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Yunnanese dialect phonology in thailand

Zirivarnphicha Thanajirawat


As Yunnanese people immigrated in Thailand many years ago, nobody knows their language and where they are. This research aims to study Yunnanese dialect phonology and distribution in Thailand. The phonology of Yunnanese dialect data have been analyzed by phonemic approach and tones have been analyzed by computer software program PRAAT. Yunnanese language areas are presented on the map. This research found that Yunnanese in Thailand has five subdialects: Yunnanese phonology from Muang Hai of Xishuagbanna Autonomous Region of Tai Ethnic Group, Yunnanese phonology from Kunming, Yunnanese phonology from Longling, Yunnanese phonology from Simao, and the cities in the northern part of Yunnan, which are classified into two groups. The consonants, vowels and tones are difference both their number and characteristic depending on their origin places. At the present time, Yunnanese people settle down in four provinces: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son and Bangkok in Thailand.

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