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Apparent time variation in Basque: variation in Aramaio and Otxandio

Jose Luis Ormaetxea Lasaga


In this paper we want to research the sociolinguistic variation among people speaking dialect. The research has been made in two villages, in Aramaio and in Otxandio. This is a small sample of a wider project carried out by the research team EUDIA of the University of the Basque Country. The name of the project is EAS (Euskararen Atlas sozio-geolinguistikoa or Socio and geo-linguistic atlas of the Basque language). In this project an enquiry is carried out in 100 villages of the Basque speaking area (in the seven provinces). The questionnaire has about 200 questions (which cover different fields of the language: lexicon, noun morphology, verb morphology and syntax). The questionnaire is done in each village and the respondents are two male speakers, one of them young and the other mature. We want to know what the linguistic differentiations are (in lexicon, in morphology and in syntax) between young and middle aged people. Moreover, we have paid special attention to measure the influence of Unified Basque.

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