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Las oraciones pasivas e impersonales con se: estudio sobre el alpi

Carlota de Benito Moreno


In Romance languages, passive and impersonal constructions with a reflexive pronoun have been studied by a variety of scholars. However, these studies have seldom adopted a dialectal perspective, although most do mention that there is a complex variation regarding verb-patient agreement. This paper attempts to describe the dialectal situation of these constructions in the Iberian Peninsula, using the data available from the Linguistic Atlas of the Iberian Peninsula. It further attempts to establish the determining factors in the development of the passive and impersonal values of the reflexive pronoun. This data shows that the variation exists not only concerning the establishment of the verb-patient agreement, but also in the presence of the reflexive pronoun. The paper is structured in five parts: a) overview of the situation in Latin and standard Romance languages; b) description of the methodology used; c) description of the data obtained; d) global analysis of such data, and e) conclusions.

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