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A geolinguistic study on the history of reception of ‘contas’ and "rosario" in the kyushu district of japan after the 16th century

Shunsuke Ogawa


‘Contas’ was received as the name of a tool in “K&R distribution area” ― Coastal area and Remote island area of Northwest Kyushu region. In addition, ‘Contas’ was handed down over centuries by Hidden-Christians up until about 1870. ‘Rosario’ has been received as a new word by Catholic believers since about 1870. Catholic propagators of the age had a consciousness that ‘Rosario’ was the best name for the Rosary (a string of prayer beads, or a series of prayers), but Catholic believers of the same age mainly used ‘Contas’ instead of ‘Rosario’ as the name of a rosary. Nowadays, ‘Rosario’ has come to be used in lieu of ‘Contas’ in Coastal area and Remote island area of Northwest Kyushu region where ‘Contas’ had been used from the 16th century onward, and the distribution area of ‘Rosario’ is now being expanded along with the propagation of Catholic Churches in the Central part of Kyushu region, whereas in the Southeast Kyushu region where the faith in the Catholic Church has not been well established, ‘Rosario’ is yet to be fully received.

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