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Traces of interlingual contacts in prekmurje agricultural terminology

Mihaela Koletnik


This paper presents Prekmurje dialect vocabulary in the field of agriculture. The Slovene language has for centuries been developing at the crossroads of the three largest European language areas; consequently, the variety of Romance, Germanic and general Slavic elements based on the native Proto-Slavic vocabulary is clearly reflected in the Pannonian dialectal vocabulary. We can notice that Prekmurje dialect expressions in the field of agriculture and other areas related to rural life still constitute a rich native Slavic substratum, as loanwords entail merely 20 % of the vocabulary. Owing to the constantly changing situation (technical innovation, exchange of tools, new farming methods), however, the ancient and even general Slavic terminology related to farming is gradually disappearing from use in the middle generation of speakers and is practically unknown to the younger generation. Recent vocabulary established in accordance with the Slovene word-formation rules often adopts the already existing loanwords (e.g., freza, kombajn).

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