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Quelques picardismes du xvie siecle

Germà Colón


The Latin-French dictionary of 1511, very used in education until 1541, is an adaptation of the Diccionario latino-catalán of 1507 by Gabriel Busa, which is in turn an adaptation or translation of the Dicionario Latino-español by Antonio de Nebrija (1492). The anonymous author of the Latin-French Dictionary is from Picardy (of Doullens) and in his work there are many words of this region. The study of the dictionary is useful to check the persistence of a language which became a dialect after several centuries of intense literary culture. Its lexis is between this time of splendour and the current period in which is considered a patois. In this work the Picard words recognized by the author as well other unconsciously used by him are underlined.

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