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Dialectology in the national institute for japanese language

Takuichiro Onishi


The National Institute for Japanese Language has researched Japanese dialects in wide field of dialectology and taken the lead in Japanese dialectology for the past 60 years all through the history of the institute. The fields studied by the institute include descriptive linguistics, sociolinguistics, geolinguistics and making database of conversations. Large area and quantity to survey are characteristic of the dialectological studies in the institute. Collaborating with many dialectologists is another characteristic of the studies. It is sure that dialectology in the institute had reaped rich harvests with the characteristics above, but the procedure to study should be reviewed, since it had been lacking in hypothesizing. Ordinary scientific procedure to study with hypothesis and verification is required for the future dialectological study of the institute. On this way to study, dialectology in the institute and in Japan will be richer as an individual scientific field.

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