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New insights into the use of vdm: some preliminary stages and a revisited case of dialectometry

Marcela J. Rivadeneira, Xavier Casassas


This paper intends to provide some basic guidelines for the preparatory stages before using 'Visual Dialectometry’ (VDM). A detailed summary of the main steps that should be followed in order to create a VDM project is presented along with a revised case of Dialectometry using Viaplana’s work Entre la dialectologia y la lingüística, whose results have been reconsidered under different algorithms. The dialectometrization of Viaplana’s data has been treated with the methodology of the Salzburg School. The use of the VDM software has shown similar results to those in Viaplana’s work when applying UPGMA, Complete Linkage, and Ward algorithms in a cluster analysis. However, further philological research is necessary in order to explain the differences in the resulting dialect groupings.

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