Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Mapping morphological and phonetic features of catalan: a general template for contemporary atlases and corpus

Maria Pilar Perea


In Catalonia, from a general point of view and concerning Geolinguistics, three assessments can be done: a) no new initiatives for creating a general linguistic atlas are expected; on the contrary, the tendency would be to create regional or local atlases or, disregarding cartography, to develop of monographs concerning several linguistic aspects of a certain dialectal area; b) there is no perceived need for an electronic publication of the atlas or the release of an internet version (the general format used is paper); and c) there is a possibility of computerising the data contained in old atlases. The main aim of this paper is to describe the processes of systematisation and mapping of dialectal data based on “La flexió verbal en els dialectes catalans”. The paper is structured in five parts: a) The corpus of morphological and phonetic data; b) Mapping the data; c) Using the program; d) Sound maps; e) Conclusions.

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