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Sur le changement macrolinguistique survenu entre 1300 et 1900 dans le domaine d'oïl. Une étude diachronique d'inspiration dialectométrique1

Hans Goebl


With the supply of 4 figures and 24 closely interpreted dialectometrical maps, this paper analyses the
linguistic change of the geolinguistic deep structures in Northern France (Domaine d’Oïl) between 1300 and
1900. As a matter of fact, the result will show – with some well explainable exceptions – the great stability of
these deep structures.
The two empirical bases are, on the one hand, the scripta-atlas of the Amsterdam Romanist Anthonij Dees
of Northern France (published in 1980) and the “Atlas linguistique de la France” (ALF) of Jules Gilliéron and
Edmond Edmont (1902-1910). Whereas the Dees-atlas is based on the philological exploitation of 3300
medieval non literary documents (charters) and therefore refers to written materials, the ALF contains oral
materials which have been collected by field work and standardized interviews with competent dialect speakers.
For to comparison of the two empirical levels (scripturality and orality) we use well experienced methods
of the “Salzburg School of Dialectometry” like similarity maps, parameter maps, interpoint maps, correlation
maps and trees.

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