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Paisaje y silencio: ensayo para una poética de John Cage

Núria Llorens


John Cage (Los Angeles, 1912), one of the pioneers of the musical avant-garde movement of this century, has been active in many fields: as composer, poet, graphic artist, teacher an art critic. This study offers an introduction to the universe configurated by Cage's work and thoughts; drafting a sketch of an everwidening horizon of his interests, where the aim to achieve a more satisfactory experience of the world and to celebrate the richness of life stand out as reference points. The review of Cage's work leads to the exploration of various subjects, ranging from the modification of our understanding of artistic cornmunication, to the description of the irnaginary landscape in which his work evolves. This is a path that passes through a reflection on the relation we find between art and the fields of society and nature -in which Cage's approach to oriental spiritual disciplines has an essential role- and the consideration of the question of form in the artist's.

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