Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Mi enfermedad, mi cuerpo, mi libertad

Laura Mora Cabello de Alba


My text is a narration in the first person of an illness full of health. It is sustained in the necessity of putting order into and giving meaning to this crucial life experience, which has made me think about not only the meaning of my discomfort, but also my own relationship with all that matters to me, beginning with myself. And, on this road, I have tried to let go of the burden or let go of that which is not in accord with my desire. I have also written because I recognise my pain in other women and I know that words -of which I have needed so many- are a balm that, sometimes, even cure. But, above all, I have written to secure a return, a state of awakening that is being born, a return to me, woman, and that I am body.

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