Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Medida por medida

Diana Sartori


The end of the patriarchy brings with it the fall of the measure of the name of the father that the social and symbolic order used to refer to, and which also regulated the meaning of the measure of female and male excellence. My text reflects upon the theme of the measure, of excellence and of excess –in regards to measure in various aspects, above all with regards to the question of the change of the modern paradigm of equality, placing the end of modernity in relation to the end of patriarchy. What do measure and excellence mean as the capacity to displace measure further at this present time? The answer is experimental, it lies in doing it, a practice that reminds us of the classic exercise of virtue as knowing how to find the right measure in the context of a situation and of a relationship: showing oneself as measure, exposing ourselves when we are there, precisely ourselves in that moment, with that action and that paradox just there, the measure of reality, as has in truth always been done, aside from the ideal norms and theories.

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