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Las universidades apostando por las TIC : modelos y paradojas del cambio institucional

Linda J. Castañeda Quintero


Fast expansion of ICT in every side of our society has increased the pressure in traditional higher education institutions to become modern organizations, and has modified the social perception about the need of using new possibilities and models of teaching and learning including ICT (Technology Enhanced Learning). Unfortunately, the general awareness is universities know very well they have to change but they don’t know in which direction they have to do it. Therefore, they have to clarify basic concepts about their reason for being and their basic principles. On this work we will present a first analysis of the most representative models to implement ICT in Universities that institutions around the world have used. From this models and analysing trends around them, we propose some reflexions about how practices have created many paradoxes around the change related to ICT and higher education: how this change could be, how this change already is, and how can we plan better the future of these changes.

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