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Individual Innovativeness Levels of Educational Administrators

Ahmet Naci Coklar


In the present study carried out with 190 educational administrators, the individual innovativeness of educational administrators was examined. As a result of the study, it was found out that the educational administrators considered themselves as early adaptors. It was also revealed that professional seniority was not important in terms of individual innovativeness and those educational administrators with professional experience of 10 years or over had the same level of innovativeness as those with experience below 10 years did. The results also demonstrated that educational administrators with experience below 10 years had the same level of ndividual innovativeness. In addition, the results obtained revealed a fifference between the computer use frequencies of educational administrators and their individual innovativeness. In other words, it was found out that educational administrators using the Internet everyday were more innovative than those using the Internet a few times a week or a month. Depending on the results obtained in the study, various suggestions were put forward for applied and future studies.

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