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"La extensión de la comunidad moral en Schopenhauer: la moral de la compasión y el sufrimiento de los animales"

Encarnación Ruiz Callejón


In the following pages I examine Schopenhauer’s contribution to the debate about
the extension of the moral community, concretely, to the basis principles of the animal
ethics. In the first section, I describe the role of the compassion in the ethics, as propounds Schopenhauer. In the second, I focuse on the correlation ‘suffering - intellectual capacity’ as criterion to feel compassion, and I emphazise the limits of the empathy in Schopenhauer’s philosophy too. In the third section, I examine the value of the compasión in connection with the denial of the will and with the pessimistic point of wiew. Finally, I stress the aspects that I consider the most important oder debatable of Schopenhauer’s position.

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