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"El pluralismo razonable" de J. Rawls

José Manuel Bermudo Ávila


Pluralism is the ideology of our time. Risen to value criterion, ethics, science,
religion or democracy, to be worthy and legitimate, need to appear as pluralists. Liberalism, which was yesterday defined as essentially individualistic, claims nowadays to be pluralist, making of the cult to diversity its own excellence. It is not an exaggeration to say that political pluralism defines the democratic liberal state of our societies. Parting from this idea we have reflected on two theses. The first one, the relationship between the classical liberalism, essentially individualistic, and the contemporary liberalism, intrinsically pluralist, confronting their respective ideas of individual and state, and discussing the real identity between both arguments. The second one, Rawls’s idea of “reasonable pluralism”, revealing its ontological Basic arguments, specifying its political function and criticising its theoretical and practical deficiencies, defending the thesis of the impotence of the theory of the discourse of liberal pluralism to think prepolitical ontological differences, specially ethnical diversity.

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