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2008: 4-1 1st. Centenary of Institut for Catalan Studies : closing session : the contribution of the social science to knowledge Detalls   PDF
Antoni Serra i Ramoneda
9-2 Ciència magazine, first period (1926-1933): A project for the recovery and dissemination of teh Catalan scientific heritage Resum   Text complet
Àngela García-Lladó, Òscar Montero-Pich, Alfons Zarzoso, Àlvar Martínez-Vidal
9-2 Ciència magazine, second period (1980-1991): Recovering normality for the Catalan scientific language Resum   Text complet
Montserrat Vallmitjana
9-2 Ibérica magazine (1913-2004) and teh Ebro Observatory Resum   Text complet
Maria Genescà-Sitjes
8-1 A Transition from indigenous to European technology in colonial Mexico: The case of tequila Detalls   PDF
José M. Muriá
10-1 Accessibility, sustainability, excellence: How to expand access to research publications. Executive summary Detalls   Text complet
Janet Finch, Simon Bell, Laura Bellingan, Robert Campbell, Peter Donnelly, Rita Gardner, Martin Hall, Steven Hall, Robert Kiley, Wim van Stelt, David Sweeney, Phil Sykes, Adam Tickell, Astrid Wissenburg, Ron Egginton, Michael Jubb
2007: 3-4 Acetic acid bacteria in oenology Resum   PDF
Albert Mas, Maria Jesús Torija Martínez, Ángel González, Montserrat Poblet Icart, José Manuel Guillamón Navarro
9-2 Activities of the Royal Academy of Medicine of the Balearic Islands Detalls   Text complet
Macià Tomàs i Salvà
Vol. , Núm. (2016): 11- 1 : June 2015 Alexandria: Lighthouse of science and humanities Resum   Text complet
Carmen Chica
2007: 3-4 Algorithms and cryptographic protocols using elliptic curves Resum   PDF
Josep M. Miret Biosca, Ramiro Moreno Chiral, Jordi Pujolàs Boix, Magda Valls Marsal
10-1 ALLEA Statement on Echancement of Open Access to Scientific Publications in Europe Detalls   Text complet
2006: 3-2 Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases: a complex system beyond protein synthesis Resum   PDF
Teresa Bori-Sanz, Tanit Guitart, Lluís Ribas i de Pouplana
9-2 An Integrate ecogenetic study of minimal ecosystems: The microbial mats of Ebro Delta and the Camargue (Western Mediterranean) Resum   Text complet
Ricard Guerrero i Moreno, Mercedes Berlanga Herranz
10-1 Annual indexes, volumes 7, 8, 9 (years 2011, 2012, 2013) Detalls   Text complet
9-1 Anti-angiogenic theraphy for cancer and the mechanisms of tumor resistance Resum   PDF
Gabriela Jiménez-Valerio, Oriol Casanovas
2001: 2-1 Applications of optically active metallacycles: new useful materials for the determination of the enantiomeric excess of Lewis bases and as resolvin agents for monodentate phosphines Resum   PDF
Guillermo Muller, Jaume Ramon Granell
Vol. , Núm. (2016): 11- 1 : June 2015 Arab Spring or long desolate Arab Winter? Resum   Text complet
Nadia El-Awady
2000: 1-2 Arithmetical problems in number fields, abelian varieties and modular forms Resum   PDF
Pilar Bayer i Isant
Vol. , Núm. (2016): 11-2 : december 2015 : Thematic issue on Non-equilibrium physics Avalanche dynamics in driven materials Resum   Text complet
Jordi Baró, Antoni Planes Vila, Eduard Vives Santa-Eulàlia
2007: 3-4 Background, current status and future prospects of transgenic crop plant development Detalls   PDF
Teresa Capell, Changfu Zhu, Ludovic Bassie, Ariadna Peremartí, Shaista Naqvi, Koreen Ramessar, Sonia Gómez, Paul Christou
9-1 Bacterial pathogenesis as an imperfect symbiosis Resum   PDF
Josep Casadesús Pursals
2008: 4-2 : Nanoscience and nanotechnology research in Catalonia : Special Issue / N. Ferrer-Anglada, Guest editor Barcelona Nanotechnology Cluster Bellaterra (BNC-b) Detalls   PDF
Emilio Lora Tamayo
2-3 Barcelona Science Park Detalls   PDF
2006: 3-2 Battista Grassi: a zoologist for malaria Detalls   PDF
Ernesto Capanna
10-1 Becoming a Blue Country Resum   Text complet
Antoni Castellà i Clavé
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