Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)



Inaugural ceremony of the academic year (p. 113-114)
Jaume Ciurana
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Inaugural ceremony of the academic year (p. 115-116)
Joandomènec Ros i Aragonès
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Research reviews

An Integrate ecogenetic study of minimal ecosystems: The microbial mats of Ebro Delta and the Camargue (Western Mediterranean) (p. 117-139)
Ricard Guerrero i Moreno, Mercedes Berlanga Herranz
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Forum and focus

Carhus Plus+: A classification of social science and humanities journals on the basis of international visibility standards (p. 141-150)
Lluís Rovira, Laura Serrate-Casado
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Latindex: A tool to extend the dissemination of scientific publications and to improve their quality assessment (p. 151-157)
Carmen Chica
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Ibérica magazine (1913-2004) and teh Ebro Observatory (p. 159-168)
Maria Genescà-Sitjes
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Ciència magazine, first period (1926-1933): A project for the recovery and dissemination of teh Catalan scientific heritage (p. 169-176)
Àngela García-Lladó, Òscar Montero-Pich, Alfons Zarzoso, Àlvar Martínez-Vidal
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Ciència magazine, second period (1980-1991): Recovering normality for the Catalan scientific language (p. 177-182)
Montserrat Vallmitjana
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Biography and Bibliography

David Cardús (1922-2003), the physician of the space (p. 183-193)
Mercè Piqueras Carrasco, Ricard Guerrero i Moreno
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Historical corner

Ramon Casanova (1892-1968) and the pulse jet engine (p. 195-198)
Mercè Piqueras Carrasco
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News and views

Activities of the Royal Academy of Medicine of the Balearic Islands (p. 199-200)
Macià Tomàs i Salvà
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