Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)



Intuition, inspiration and prana (p. 1-2)
Romà Escalas i Llimona
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The Nobel Prizes 2009

Becoming a Blue Country (p. 3-6)
Antoni Castellà i Clavé
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Margalef's mandala, Prochlorococcus, and geoengineering (p. 7-15)
Sallie W. Chisholm
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Distinguished lectures

The Barcelona Knowledge Hub of the Academia Europaea (p. 17-22)
Genoveva Martí
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The Health Impact Fund: a new paradigm in pharmaceutical innovation (p. 23-28)
Thomas Pogge
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Producing progress? Issues to consider (p. 29-34)
Mara Dierssen
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Research reviews

Social discourse concerning pollution and contamination in Spain: Analysis of online comments by digital press readers (p. 35-47)
Arantza Begueria, Cristina Larrea, Araceli Muñoz, Eva Zafra, Jaume Mascaró-Pons, Miquel Porta
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Theoretical reflections on ethnobiology in the third millennium (p. 49-64)
Ugo D'Ambrosio
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Revisiting the border between Newtonian mechanics and General Relativity: The periastron advance (p. 65-72)
Joaquim A. Batlle, Rosario López
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Forum and focus

On Open Access, Impact Factors and boycotting the top science journals: An interview with Randy Schekman (p. 73-79)
Nicole Skinner, Lucía Sapiña, Manuel Gil
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Accessibility, sustainability, excellence: How to expand access to research publications. Executive summary (p. 81-88)
Janet Finch, Simon Bell, Laura Bellingan, Robert Campbell, Peter Donnelly, Rita Gardner, Martin Hall, Steven Hall, Robert Kiley, Wim van Stelt, David Sweeney, Phil Sykes, Adam Tickell, Astrid Wissenburg, Ron Egginton, Michael Jubb
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Gold and Green: The debate on Open Access policies (p. 89-93)
Ernest Abadal
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Next generation scholarly communication: A researcher's perspective (p. 95-99)
Jordi Barquinero Mañez
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ALLEA Statement on Echancement of Open Access to Scientific Publications in Europe (p. 101-106)
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Margalida Comas Camps (1892-1972), a woman for all seasons (p. 107-110)
Núria Radó Trilla
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Annual indexes, volumes 7, 8, 9 (years 2011, 2012, 2013) (p. 111-118)
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