Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)



The Catalan Society for Biology (p. 1-3)
Lluís Tort
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Distinguished lectures

Daniel Simberloff: Creative and devastating (p. 5-6)
Joan L. Petrus
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Biological invasions: Much progress plus several controversies (p. 7-16)
Daniel Simberloff
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Crystallography and Nobel Prizes: On the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, awarded to Dan Shechtman (p. 17-23)
Joan F. Piniella
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Smart cell-surface receptors: On the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, awarded to Robert J. Lefkowitz and Brian K. Kobilka (p. 25-32)
Rafael Franco, María S. Aymerich
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The Gedankenexperimente of quantum mechanichs become reality: On the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics, awarded to Serge Haroche and David J. Wineland (p. 33-41)
Jordi Mompart
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First International Conference of Biology of Catalonia (CIBICAT), 'Global questions on advanced biology' (Barcelona, 9-12 July, 2012) (p. 43-49)
Josep Clotet i Erra
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Bacterial pathogenesis as an imperfect symbiosis (p. 51-56)
Josep Casadesús Pursals
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Multidisciplinary approaches towards compartmentalization in development: Dorsoventral boundary formation of the Drosophila wing disc as a case of study (p. 57-66)
Javier Buceta
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Anti-angiogenic theraphy for cancer and the mechanisms of tumor resistance (p. 67-73)
Gabriela Jiménez-Valerio, Oriol Casanovas
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Research reviews

Temperament and tuning of early 19th century Hispanic Keyboard instruments: A study of the monochord integrated into a fortepiano made by Francisco Fernández (1828) (p. 75-88)
Romà Escalas i Llimona
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The Contribution of the Barcelona World Race to improved ocean surface information. A validation of the SMOS remotely sensed salinity (p. 89-100)
Jordi Salat Umbert, Marta Umbert Ceresuela, Joaquim Ballabrera-Poy, Pedro Fernández Gallego, Joaquín Ignacio Salvador Castiella, Justino Martínez González
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The United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and MObility (UNU-GCM) in Barcelona: Mission and vision (p. 101-106)
Parvati Nair
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The Institute for Catalan Studies and International Women's Day, 2006-2013 (p. 107-108)
Carme Puche i Moré
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Historical corner

The American dream of Rafael Guastavino (1842-1908) (p. 109-112)
Mercè Piqueras Carrasco
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