Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

2010: Vol.: 61 Núm.: 3

Vol.: 61 Núm.: 3


Complex interpolation of spaces of integrable functions with respect to a vector measure
Antonio Fernández Carrión, Fernando Mayoral Masa, Francisco Naranjo Naranjo, Enrique Alfonso Sánchez Pérez 241-252
Weighted estimates for the averaging integral operator
Bohumír Opic, Jiří Rákosník 253–262
Inequalities for Riemann–Liouville operator involving suprema
Dmitry Vladimirovich Prokhorov 263-276
Integral representation of linear operators on Orlicz-Bochner spaces
Krzysztof Feledziak, Marian Nowak 277-290
A polynomial characterization of Hilbert spaces
Dahmane Achour, Khalil Saadi 291-301
A product of two generalized derivations on polynomials in prime rings
Vincenzo De Filippis 303-322
A remark about the rigidity of curves on $K3$ surfaces
Mihai Halic 323-336
The Poincaré and related groups are algebraically determined Polish groups
Robert R. Kallman, Alexander P. McLinden 337-352