Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

2003: Vol.: 2 Romance Intonation

Vol.: 2 Romance Intonation


Índex (p. 1-8)
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Romance Intonation. Introduction (p. 9-11)
Pilar Prieto
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Sentence external elements in Catalan (p. 15-31)
Lluïsa Astruc
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The manifestation of intonational focus in Castilian Spanish (p. 33-54)
Mercedes Cabrera Abreu, M. Luisa García Lecumberri
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Tonal structure and pitch targets in Italian focus constituents (p. 55-65)
Maria Paola D'Imperio
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The Spanish intonation of speakers of a Basque pitch-accent dialect (p. 67-95)
Gorka Elordieta
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The modelling of prenuclear accents in Central Catalan declaratives (p. 97-114)
Eva Estebas Vilaplana
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Intonation in Spanish declaratives: differences between lab speech and spontaneous speech (p. 115-131)
Timothy L. Face
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The phonological status of initial peaks in European Portuguese (p. 133-152)
Sonia Frota
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Map Tasks in Italian: Asking Questions about Given, Accessible and New Information (p. 153-180)
Martine Grice, Michelina Savino
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Remarks on the diachronic reconstruction of intonational patterns in Romance with special attention to Occitan as a bridge language (p. 181-205)
José Ignacio Hualde
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Prosody and Pragmatics in Parenthetical Insertions in Catalan (p. 207-227)
Marta Payà
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Wh-questions in Spanish: Meanings and Configuration Variability (p. 229-247)
Juan Manuel Sosa
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Prosody and sentence disambiguation in European Portuguese (p. 249-278)
Marina Vigário
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Resums (p. 279-283)
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