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Núm. 3 : 2013 Albert Camus, a personal profile Resum   PDF
Octavi Fullat i Genís
Núm. 2 : 2012 At the límits of rhetoric: political philosophy and the media Resum   PDF
Josep Montserrat-Molas
2012: Núm. 1 : 2012 Cartography, landscape and territory Resum   PDF
Vicenç M. Rosselló i Verger
Núm. 2 : 2012 Docudramas on digital television: Journalism, simulation and lies Resum   PDF
Josep Lluís Micó
Núm. 3 : 2013 Ethology of fear : Responses, actions, universes Resum   PDF
Carles Riba
Núm. 3 : 2013 Families and couples Resum   PDF
Francesc Xavier Jaurena i Salas
Núm. 2 : 2012 Individual options and collective patterns: mobility and settlement in Spain in the second half of the 20th Century Resum   PDF
Jordi Cardelús, Àngels Pascual de Sans, Miguel Solana Solana
Núm. 3 : 2013 Internet in the feminine: Using feminine strategies in hacker culture Resum   PDF
Aina Fernàndez i Aragonès
Núm. 2 : 2012 Labour education in the Balearic Islands Resum   PDF
Pere Alzina i Seguí
2012: Núm. 1 : 2012 Norbert Elias: A proposed intellectual portrait for the 20th anniversary of his passing (1990-2010) Resum   PDF
Jordi Collet-Sabé
Núm. 2 : 2012 On elective affinities: Pentecostalism and immigration. The case of pentecostal african churches in Catalonia Resum   PDF
Maria del Mar Griera
2012: Núm. 1 : 2012 The daily press and political communication: The perception of the Statute of Catalonia in twelve daily Spanish newspapers Resum   PDF
Sergi Cortiñas Rovira, Carles Pont i Sorribes
Núm. 3 : 2013 The Effects of Constitutional Court ruling 31/2010 dated 28 June 2010 on the linguistic regime of the Statute of Catalonia Resum   PDF
Eva Pons Parera
2012: Núm. 1 : 2012 The Rousseau Institute of Geneva's influence on and presence in Catalan pedagogy in the first third of the 20th century Resum   PDF
Joan Soler i Mata
2012: Núm. 1 : 2012 Usefulness and uselessness of history: History, memory and the contemporaneity of faith according to S. Kierkegaard Resum   PDF
Gabriel Amengual i Coll
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