Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Bases para la gestión de una situación de multilingüismo derivada de la inmigración

Francisco Fernández García


The present study ponders the role that the phenomenon of migration has acquired in present day society and analyses the relevance that linguistic factors possess in the satisfactory running of this society. In order to analyse these issues, this article highlights a two-fold necessity: on the one hand, that of having to clearly explain the main objectives endeavoured to be reached, and on the other hand, that of having to obtain a deep knowledge of the reality upon which one endeavours to act. As regards the first aspect, this study analyses factors such as the concept we have of integration, the obtaining of data in order to optimise the teaching of the target language, linguistic attitudes of immigrants, features of diglossic situations that may arise, and aspects of linguistic policies. As regards the second aspect, a current research project is presented which analyses the linguistic features of the migratory phenomenon in the city of Jaén.

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