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Barreras interaccionales en aulas multilingües: una aproximación crítica a la comuncación intercultural

Pérez Milans Miguel, Luisa Martín Rojo


In this article we analyse intercultural communication management in student interaction in a culturally and linguistically diverse second year primary school classroom. In order to do so, and trying to overcome culturalist reductionism, we explore how three dimensions of interaction, linguistic, psychosocial and social, are linked. So as to observe how this current socio-educational order might be altered, we decided to conduct research in the classroom by introducing changes to attenuate the asymmetries and differences in values in conversational dynamics. The analysis of communicative practices in the classroom, similarly to that of intercultural situations among adults, indicates that from an early age, in situations where there are large social differences, communicative differences can be (re)constructed and used as a tool reinforce asymmetries as well as the status quo, thereby relegating foreing workers and their descendants to an underprivileged social position .

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