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Reescritura de fuentes greco-latinas en la poesía de Francisco Brines

Jesús Bermúdez Ramiro


Brines draws on the Classics, Plato and Virgil, in order to provide a contemporary personal statement about homosexual love. The poet rewrites certain passages from Plato’s Republic and Virgil’s Aeneid to claim the true nature of love as opposed to the notions of duty, tradition, and the law with which such love was associated in Ancient Greece and Rome. The articulation of the tension inherent in the Classical works between pare love and the law gives the author an appropriate parallel to express the social barriers that exist when attempting to declare homosexual low openly and passionately. The theme of ephemeral «eros» appears in the poetry of Brines sublimated as the impossibility of fully accomplishing love, especially that of an old-age poetic persona and his admired young men, embodied in the Ancient mature warrior and the Greco-roman youths respectively.

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