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"The past will have its time again": History in Tom Stoppard's The Coast of Utopia and Arcadia

Carmen Lara Rallo


In one of his latest incursions into the past, The Coast of Utopia trilogy, Tom Stoppard displays an interest in history that does not emerge solely in the historical nature of the plays’ characters and setting, but which also takes the form of a conceptualisation of history that is reflected in several aspects of the series. Such a conceptualisation invites to reassess Stoppard’s exploration of the past in Arcadia, which offers likewise a characterisation of the course of history that has been analysed so far in connection with the idea of the linearity of time. In the light of this, the present paper aims at investigating the view of history advanced in these two works, with the final goal of showing that both favour a presentation of the passing of time as a cyclical continuity in which nothing is lost because the past keeps “having its time again”.

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