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La temporalidad bergsoniana en las estéticas de Antonio Machado y James Joyce

Marisol Morales Ladrón


In his “Lecture’s preliminaries” to join the Royal Academy of the Spanish language, Antonio Machado described the works of Marcel Proust and James Joyce as poems of memory and perception. On further occasions Machado commented on Proust’s literary production and on his connection with Henri Bergson’s philosophy, although he disregarded Joyce in the belief that his oeuvre was “a dead end, a cul-de-sac of lyric solipsism”. Bearing these particulars in mind, the present discussion attempts to explore, on the one hand, Machado’s position with respect to what the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset had termed “the dehumanisation of art”, of which Joyce was a clear exponent; and, on the other, to connect the influence of Bergson on Machado and Joyce’s aesthetics of time, whose respective works can be interpreted applying such concepts as duration, flow, involuntary memory or intuition.

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